I want to share some of my other interests and passions, and other past work that doesn't quite fit in the Product Design umbrella. Here you can see some of my illustrations, often based on nature and pop culture, and past projects from when I worked in games and animation.


I find drawing and painting to be relaxing and fulfilling, I love getting a final, permanent piece at the end of the process. Over the years I have increasingly been gravitating towards traditional media. I take inspiration from my other favorite activities: reading, playing video games, and going on long walks outside.

Animation & game projects

Thumbnail for "PrinceNapped", featuring the 2 main characters, a woman and a prince


Ker-Chunk | 2014 - 2017

In 2014, 2 friends and I started a small game company called "Ker-Chunk Games". and released “PrinceNapped” on Facebook Games and the iOS store in 2016-2017. The game was available from 2016 until 2020 on Facebook and the iOS App Store.

Art Director
2D Design
Cross-functional Collaboration
Thumbnail for "The Awesomes" showing the main cast of characters and the title

The Awesomes

Bento Box Entertainment | 2015

"The Awesomes" is an animated show aimed at an adult audience available on Hulu. I worked on "The Awesomes" for a single season as a background artist.

Animation Backgrounds
Production asset design
Design Collaboration
Thumbnail for "Chozen", featuring the main cast and title.


Floyd County Productions | 2013 - 2014

Chozen was an animated TV show aimed at an adult audience, produced by the same studio that works on the popular show "Archer". The show aired on FX in 2014 for 1 season. I worked on Chozen as a background artist, creating background illustrations for 12 episodes.

Animation Backgrounds
Design Collaboration
promo art for "The Walking Dead", showing a screenshot of the game environment and the game's title.

The Walking Dead: The Facebook Game

Eyes Wide Games | 2012 - 2013

In 2012, I worked on the official Facebook game for the popular Walking Dead TV show as an 2D artist. This was when Facebook games were widely popular, and games were still made in Flash.

Game Environment Art
2D Design
Modular Asset Design
Problem solving
Cross-functional Collaboration