Illustration of woman interacting with floating wireframes and research artifacts


I'm Annick, a freelance UX & Product Designer with a decade of experience, currently living in Atlanta, GA.

I help teams build software by using design to facilitate communication. I have a user-centric approach and care about accessibility, organization and thoughtful decision-making.

Feel free to reach out if you're interested in my services.

About me

I moved to Atlanta from Switzerland in 2007, after spending a childhood traveling across countries following my diplomat family.

I have pursued my passions in computers and art for as long as I can remember. I started my career working as a digital illustrator in animation and video games after studying art, before getting a Masters in Human-Computer Interaction and pursuing UX in 2015.

I have extensive experience as an end-to-end product designer for responsive web and mobile apps. I have worked in a lot of different companies – from being the sole designer in a small company, collaborating within a design team in mid-size organizations, to contributing to the design efforts of a global corporation.

I aim to continue working on a variety of digital experiences and look forward to the projects the future brings.

Pastel illustration of Annick drawing herself while looking at herself in a mirror.

Public speaking

Taught workshop class at
General Assembly
Taught an in-person workshop “Wireframing & Prototyping” at General Assembly
Lightning talk at joint meetup
Atlanta Design System
Figma ATL
Gave Talk titled “Managing Design Systems with Figma” (video)
Lightning talk at meetup
Ladies that UX
Gave Lightning Talk titled “Affordances”
Panel speaking at yearly meetup
World IA Day
AR/VR Student Panel speaker (video)
Panel speaking at yearly game conference
Speaker on the panel "Collaboration Methods for Game Designers and Artists"
Panel speaking at yearly conference
Speaker on the panel "Women in Entertainment: Gaming & Motion Graphics"