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I'm Annick, a seasoned product designer dedicated to user-centric design. My track record across multiple companies highlights my commitment to using research for impactful design solutions. My approach involves diving into challenges, conducting thorough research, and collaborating with cross-functional teams to consistently deliver transformative outcomes. I specialize in simplifying complex requirements into user-friendly interactions, creating a positive impact in various industries and platforms. I'm eager to bring this experience and dedication to your next project.

What others have said

"Her impactful contributions included a complete redesign of various experiences, resulting in significant improvements in critical product metrics and delivering unparalleled user value, particularly in Calendly's highest-trafficked areas. [...] Annick's dedication, expertise, and ability to drive results make her an invaluable addition to any product team."

Tommy Janszen, Sr. Product Manager

"She has a rock-solid design process that always includes research/discovery and understanding before jumping into mocks. She's incredibly organized and a great teammate. Her comments in design crit sessions are insightful and show her deep knowledge of design heuristics and best practices. Her skillset would be an asset to any product design team that really cares about designing the right thing."

Bryce Propheter, Sr. Product Designer

"Annick scheduled a standing bi-weekly meeting to keep everyone in the loop on new developments and insights. She was incredibly responsive when team members had follow up questions and was quick to update designs when technical constraints challenged the original plan. She would be a great addition to any team and I'd work with her again in a heartbeat."

Greg Roughton, Engineering Manager
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About me

I'm Annick, a seasoned UX/Product designer with over a decade of experience crafting digital experiences. My design journey has taken me through various landscapes, from consulting with top-notch agencies like AKQA to the dynamic world of fintech at Brightwell and the innovative SaaS environment at Calendly.

What sets me apart is my extensive experience as an end-to-end product designer for both responsive web and mobile apps. I've had the privilege of wearing multiple hats in diverse settings – from being the sole designer in a small company, collaborating within a design team in mid-size organizations, to contributing to the design efforts of a global corporation.

You might have encountered some of my work, such as shaping the shopping experience for Delta or enhancing the scheduling process for Calendly. It's the impact of these small design changes on millions of users that fuels my passion for creating meaningful experiences. I've also witnessed the transformative power of design on smaller teams, achieving remarkable results like a 4% to 40% conversion rate improvement or the design and maintenance of a full design system.

My unique perspective, born to Swiss and Guatemalan parents, and a childhood spent moving across Latin America and Europe, has enriched my understanding of diverse cultures and languages. As a native French and Spanish speaker, I intimately understand the challenges non-native English speakers face when navigating the digital landscape. A journey that led me to Atlanta more than a decade ago to master English, study art, and later, delve into the world of Human-Computer Interaction. It's this blend of cultures, languages, and artistry that inspires my creative approach to design.

I'm thrilled to bring this wealth of experience, along with a deep understanding of global perspectives, to your next project.

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Public speaking

Taught workshop class at
General Assembly
Taught an in-person workshop “Wireframing & Prototyping” at General Assembly
Lightning talk at joint meetup
Atlanta Design System
Figma ATL
Gave Talk titled “Managing Design Systems with Figma” (video)
Lightning talk at meetup
Ladies that UX
Gave Lightning Talk titled “Affordances”
Panel speaking at yearly meetup
World IA Day
AR/VR Student Panel speaker (video)
Panel speaking at yearly game conference
Speaker on the panel "Collaboration Methods for Game Designers and Artists"
Panel speaking at yearly conference
Speaker on the panel "Women in Entertainment: Gaming & Motion Graphics"